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Why do you need to use Google Shopping Ads?

81% of purchases begin with an online search, often times on Google. So why not put your products right at the top of the screen for users to see when they search for a product like yours? Google shopping ads allow you to promote your products with an image, title, price, store name, description, and more right under the search bar your user just typed into.

If you’re a local company, you can turn online shoppers into in-store customers by getting your products in front of their eyes first. Encourage shoppers to trust your brand and products with ratings, promotions, and more through Google shopping ads.

Google shopping ads are a no-brainer for any eCommerce or brick-and-mortar company with an online presence wishing to increase sales. Google’s powerful search engine and targeting components allow for your ads to reach a highly target demographic of people already searching for products just like the ones you sell.

How Our Google Shopping Campaigns Work


Tiered Campaign Structure

A surprising amount of money can be lost in inefficient Google Shopping campaign structures. Bids and budgets become detached from value and ROI, critical data and insights become lost in the mess, and you can end up wasting a lot of time and money chasing product listing ad placements that aren’t driving sales.

We’ll use our expertise in product listing ads management to set up Google Shopping campaigns with efficient, optimized structures. We’ll keep bids low for generic terms, prioritize more relevant ones, and focus spend in areas designed to give you the best possible competitive advantage. To ensure that you’re getting high visibility into your varied campaigns and their performance, we’ll prioritize a clear, intuitive, funnel-like campaign structure.

SevenAtoms has proven success as a Google Shopping ads agency thanks to our knowledge and experience setting up tiered, properly prioritized campaign structures. We want to put that knowledge to work for you.


Optimized Product Feed

Even a properly structured Google Shopping campaign can only do so much if the individual product listing ads don’t attract shoppers! Our Google Shopping management services include working with you to generate an optimized shopping feed: We’ll create evocative, keyword-rich titles and descriptions and pair them with enticing images designed to draw interest and engage a viewer’s attention. Our designers will create special images when necessary for optimal engagement.

We’ll make sure that your pricing is correctly implemented and that special offers are executed promptly and accurately to help you stand apart from your competitors. When you add new products, we’ll use our expertise to improve search-term-to-product matching, ensuring that product listing ads for new items are just as easily found as ads for older products.


Granular Targeting and Bidding

One of the most common mistakes we see in Google Shopping ad management is an inefficient bidding strategy that treats all products and keywords the same. This results in campaigns that spend too much money on high-cost, low-return keywords, and not nearly enough on keywords that have the most profit potential.

As an experienced Google Shopping agency, we know all the tips and tricks to make Google Shopping work for you and your business. Our Google Shopping management includes skillful use of Single Product Ad Groups (SPAGs) to give your products a precise, controlled bidding structure. We’ll also run retargeting campaigns towards customers who have already demonstrated an interest in your brand and its products, while minimizing inefficient, wasteful spend elsewhere.


Negative Keywords

One tactic for avoiding low-ROI spend is proper use of negative keywords. An experienced Google Shopping agency knows that negative keywords are one of the most important tools you have for funneling keywords to the right campaigns, and avoiding wasted ad spend.

Optimal use of negative keywords will ensure that your ads don’t show up for irrelevant search terms that will cost you money but never result in a conversion. Whether it’s people searching for items you don’t sell, features your products don’t have or specific brands you don’t support, our Google Shopping management services will ensure that you’re not wasting money on the vast majority of keywords that will rarely convert.

We’ll regularly revisit your negative keyword list with weekly updates, adding new keywords and eliminating ads for non-relevant searches.


Testing and Optimization

In Google Shopping you can never rely on a “set it and forget it” approach. Aside from the fact that you would want to drive improvement regularly from what you had in the previous week, month or year, you have to account for competitors and Google’s constantly changing policies and algorithms.

When you work with an experienced product listing ads agency like SevenAtoms, we’ll execute continuous testing of bids, keywords and ads to drive consistent improvement. We’ll optimize campaigns on the basis of end-to-end attribution, analyzing which keywords, products, devices, and audiences are delivering the best results and leading to the most conversions for your ecommerce business.

We’ll look at your competitors’ campaigns and test new variations to ensure that you stay competitive, rather than falling behind.


We Are Google Ad Experts

Our expertise with Google shopping ads in combination with Google search ads gives puts our ads in front of the other guys. We take the time to research your customer and the products they are looking for to ensure your campaigns are setting the right bids for your ideal customer. When adding this to our experience driving revenue for clients through our Google Shopping Services, we’d say you have a good chance of success with us.

We’re Always Watching Your Campaign

Google shopping ads require constant monitoring to ensure the budget is being used properly and to its fullest extent. If monitoring is not done, then you have the potential to overspend or waste a great deal of your budget on unqualified leads and clicks.

We are a Full-Service Agency

We are a full-service advertising agency that can help you with all of your online advertising needs. Whether you want to use Google text ads, Display ads, or Remarketing ads, we have your back. Also, if you’re interested in other types of ads, like Facebook or Instagram ads, we can set that up for you as well. Whatever you need, our agency can likely take care of it or point you in the right direction.

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