How to develop your Personal Brand

Figure out who you are.

A personal brand is a lot more than your name, and it’s not just for marketing either. In fact in today’s digital world we’re all marketers! Think about the messages you share with friends on Facebook or Twitter; those are often considered to be part of your social media persona. When people contact you through LinkedIn or Glassdoor they might also see what kind of professional impression that gives them too – so one way to think about it is: “What does my Personal Brand say?”

Determine what you want to be known for.

For many modern businesses, the best way to grow your brand’s presence is through social media. With so many people on these platforms every day, it can be a tempting opportunity for marketers who are looking to reach new audiences and create buzz around their products or services in order to increase sales.

Developing an online presence with popular sites like Twitter and Facebook has become easier than ever– all you need is some time each week (or even just once) where you write posts about what’s happening at you that would interest potential customers/clientele!

Define your audience.

Branding can be a difficult process, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out the best way to present yourself in order for your target audience.

Some people are successful at branding themselves by using their work as an outlet while others might find that putting more focus on where they go or what kind of lifestyle they lead works better. The important thing is figuring out which one will help you make connections with potential clients so you don’t have any problems down the road when trying to get noticed among all those other professionals who do similar tasks just like yours.

Research your desired industry and follow the experts.

As you start mapping out the careers you want, Gresh recommends compiling research on experts in those roles.

“Find out who the thought leaders are in whatever field you’re interested in, and don’t just follow them,” he says. “Go online and find out if they have blogs, or where they contribute their thinking. Look for people who are successful and examine what they’re doing. Imitate them, and then do one better.”

In building a personal brand, your goal is to stand out—but you can’t rise to the top without taking inventory of who’s already there.

Create Logo and Brand name

The best way to find the perfect name for your project is to put on a marketer’s hat and think about how you would describe yourself. Look through pictures of logos, names, or words that fit with what you’re doing in order to see if any stand out as potentials.

The most important thing when naming something new is keeping it relevant without having too many syllables or using difficult letters such as Q and Z.

Embrace networking.

Networking is a great way to connect with people and build your personal brand. It’s about finding new opportunities, meeting amazing professionals in the field you’re interested in, getting valuable advice on how to advance professionally, making connections that will lead back out of it should what you want change. Networking can be done during events or online via social media/website forums where different members share their experiences for all sorts of industries – this could help give insight into which industry might suit them best!

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