How to Optimize Conversion for your Ecommerce Store

Do not embed Youtube videos

Publishing loads of videos on Youtube is a great idea.

Embedding those videos in your eCommerce site, however, is a terrible move.

Here’s the thing about Youtube — just like any other business entity, it’s interested in growing its own user-base.

That’s understandable, of course.

After all, the more web visitors it has, the more profit it generates.

That’s all good and dandy for Youtube, but that’s bad for you if you’re embedding Youtube videos on your website because Youtube will siphon web viewers from your eCommerce store into its platform by video suggestions.

Optimize your site’s speed

40% of consumers leave a website that loads for over three seconds. Plus, for every second of delay in page response, you reduce your conversions by 7%.

Use lead magnets for email subscriptions

On average, emails have an open rate of 21% and yield 42% of returns for every dollar spent on them. This proves you can get substantial email marketing ROI and site conversions with promotional e-newsletters.

To build your email list, get visitors to subscribe to your marketing emails with lead magnets.

Improve your site navigation

Optimize your navigation menu to minimize confusion and help your shoppers quickly find what they’re looking for.

To do that, you should build a logical navigation structure. Create a diagram that categorizes your main and specific topics to guide the hierarchy of your information.

Try displaying the following as well:

  • Search bar: Customers can type in the item they’re looking for.
  • Visual search: Shoppers can upload photos of an item, and your site shows pictures of similar products from your store.
  • Wishlist and cart icon: These let your customers go to their saved items more quickly.

Showcase your trustworthiness

Customers won’t decide to take your offers and invest their money if they think your product quality, payment systems, etc. are unreliable.

Make it easier for shoppers to trust you by showing off relevant certification badges and buyer testimonials.

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