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Your social profile is the mirror of your Service or products. Nowadays near 72% people search online before purchasing any service or product.


About Our Social media marketing services

DigfoTech is a Leading social media service provider in the Industry. We create and manage your social profile and take care of your social reputation. Here we implement an effective strategy to grow your business brand, awareness, relationship etc.

Your audience is on social media, so you have to be there to attract and engage them with your products and services. So, contact us in order to get our social media and branding service.

Social media marketing process

We are doing tons of stuff in order to effectively manage your social media profile. We keep yourself updated with different social media platform algorithmic changes. So, we better understand social media and use it to grow our client profile. Here, we are providing a rough sketch of our process, we took to maintain your social profile.

Competitor’s Analysis

We analyze your competitor’s, figure out what they are doing, their in depth strategy, what are the things that impact their profile etc. After analysis we get to know about your audience type and then start to build our strategy to outrank your competitors.

Organic Social campaign

In 99% of cases, your authority and audience build up in social media with continuous quality effort. It doesn’t mean that you post 10 posts in a day and take rest for a month or week.

Here we need to update in a pattern, maybe daily or in twice or thrice in a week. Also, simply posting in social media doesn’t work, our tamin task starts here, we implement an effective strategy to boost the engagement. As we all know everything starts from zero and slowly it builds their audience.

Social media is a perfect example of a snowball effect, which means the more audience you get the faster you grow, but to start getting more audience you need to start and take the first step.

Paid social campaign

We also use paid social campaigns to reach our audience and generate results faster. This is really effective especially if you want to see results from today. 

In paid campaigns once you get some sort of audience to engage with content, you organically also get boost faster and more people start to connect with you and use your service.

Social reputation management

If you are a business owner then social reputation is very important, because nowadays people search your business online whether its website, social profile, reviews and so on and based on it take decision. We take care of your social profile and manage your complete reputation online.  So, that people find you the better you, in the hope that your provide excellent product ro service or both.

Why Us

Weekly/Monthly report

We know what we are doing and how it is impacting your social profiles in future but it is also important that our client must know about what we have actually done for you. One thing which we want you to don’t be judgemental about our services a lot. You calculate our action of work, but  forget to calculate our motion of work, like competitor’s analysis, tags, catchy titles, advanced tool analysis and so on.

Dedicated support team

We believe that every client is special to us. We take utmost care that all their queries are being solved. That’s why we believe in building relationships, not like a typical way of serving you.

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Social Media marketing Benefit

  • Attract audience
  • Engage with your audience
  • Drive traffic to your website, sales page, service page and so,
  • Grow your audience and serve them
  • Remarketing list benefit.
  • Fast scalability.

You need to hire a Social Media marketing service provider who is:-

  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Transparent
  • Knowledgeable