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At DigfoTech we design beautiful modern looking website which is optimized and highly converting as per your business objective and goals.

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About Our Website Designing services

DigfoTech is a leading website designing service provider in the Industry. We create modern responsive website that matches your brand value. While website designing process we try to optimize it with the latest market trends like Improving your conversion rates, adding SEO friendly keywords and so.

The first thing when people start searching about you online and then they try to relate it with your authority. Suppose your don’t have a website that people don’t get any information or if somebody mentions you then also they are not going to get full information from other website

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Corporate Website Design

We create stunning website which matches the standard of corporates and their brand value. The website definitely going to give you a specialized look and feel.


Ecommerce Website Design

In Ecommerce, our team keeps themself updated with the latest features in the Ecom market and as per need, we Implement It.

We design really high converting e-commerce website which is also mobile-friendly. In e-commerce, the major problem is of duplicate pages which hurt website ranking. So, we smartly handle it.



Landing Page Design


We design really high converting page, so that any people who land your website, suppose to become your product or service user. In any campaign, the landing page has huge importance, it can either make or break your business.


Blog/News Website

We create news and blog website which is stunning and also add lead capture method in additional so that you can able to reach out to them whenever any new content gets published. The blog is a very good way to teach about your product or service. You an immediately or later add your product or services too.


Portfolio Website Design

If you are directly or indirectly selling products or services, you can showcase them on your website. Even if you are helping humanity like an NGO, you can showcase them about what you do and How it impacts.


Custom Website

Many times people come up with completely different ideas of designing a website and about his service. At that time we try to understand them and create custom websites as per need.


Our Website has tons of features and optimization, but sharing few important.

Website Design Services Includes:-

Responsive modern website

Nowadays website with cool features, color, patterns, and stunning designs attract people and influence whether to use your service and products.

You must have seen a website which is not even mobile-friendly, this brings huge impact, as nowadays many people visit your website through mobile. So, we also make it mobile friendly and work for your both desktop and mobile version.

Website pages

Your website is build up with pages whether it homepage, service, contact, about us, product, and many more. We design every page to the next level, and also helps you to index those in the search results, sot that people find you.


Content is the king. The better your content on the website is written, the higher ROI you are going to get. We understand your business and write copy as per it so that it brings the most influence to the visitors.

SEO Optimization

When your website is optimized for search engine perspective you are going to rank higher, get more clicks and sales, and lead. That’s why we keep your website optimized. In this way, you get more authority in the eyes of Google because by optimizing the website you are sharing search engine and social platform what your actual products and service. are.

Website Design and Development

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