About DigfoTech

DigfoTech is a leading IT company in the industry which operates for 5 years. It focuses on helping clients gain more exposure and reach their potential customers through generating leads, awareness, sales etc.

The Digfotech team has an extensive experience of over 10+ yrs with many successful projects behind them to present their capability as one of the best digital marketing agencies out there today!

They have an impeccable track record of working with clients to help them gain maximum digital exposure. Digfotech’s team focus on creating and managing your digital assets by helping you create it as well as manage it; they bring tons of conversion for businesses too!

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Our Process

We’re always here to help if you need it. We first try and understand your goals, objectives, or needs so that we can provide custom feedback for the best possible product on behalf of our clients.

We provide data-based decisions for your project or campaign, and we have a team dedicated to testing these out before recommending them. Using old methods that circulate around the net is something of the past because they eventually stop working completely.


Understanding your goals
and objective:

We first try to understand your goals and objective and based it provide custom feedback if necessary and started working on your project and campaign.


Data-driven strategies:

We take data based decisions for your project or campaign, this custom data based decision is being tested by our team and not any old methods circulates around the net which stop working.


Effective Implementation and Continuous Improvement:

We balance optimization and testing by experimenting to find new opportunities, new channels, and trying to reach new audiences.


What to expect

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See what people are saying


DigfoTech team redesigned our ecommerce site and I can’t believe the site which just look like like and brochure looks like modern conversion optimized site. I want to thanks there team for creating such an amazing website. Yes they also helps in our ecommerce marketing to generate sales for my products.

Acharya Mahendra Pichai

Ormax CEO

They helped me to get quality leads for my pest control business and fill my leads pipeline with customers. We are still working with him for our party ride business and started get some leads for this too.

Dane Kolbaba

WatchdogpestControl CEO

Pete’s Auto body

There team is just amazing with SEO, We are ranking on page 2 for a long while but with his team effort within 15 days we are in page 1 and now after 3 months, our multiple keywords rank on page 1. 


Pet’s Auto Body