Digital Asset Creation and Performance Marketing

Digital Asset creation like website, social pages, apps and using this as a tool for sales and leads needs marketing. It is consistently changing because of user behaviour, market saturation and many many others. We provide solutions as a service, outsourcing partner for your startup or Business.
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DigfoTech Case Studies

Plant Startup Get 1 million INR Worth of sales in 2 month starting from scratch.

In this case study we will share Plant Startup pain point and how we solve there problems from getting no sales in their website to 1 Million INR worth of sales in 2 months.
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DigfoTech has designed conversion beast product pages for our ecommerce clients.

This conversion beast product pages includes every componenet like direct checkout, videos, Features and specification slot, engaging recommended products and many more.
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Our Team Spent $13,000 for US based ecommerce Business

We have spent over $13,000 for shopping ads campaign in one of our US based client, we do multiple testing, optimization, Funnel in Shopping like one product campaign to better accelerate after the product market success and many more.
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DigfoTech Ranked New Ecommerce website for its various product pages in 3 months.

Getting ranked a new ecommerce website needs high quality SEO skills and bring SEO traffic when we have little to no website authority and backlinks. We make it possible with this plant startup where it starts to rank for multiple short tail popular keywords.
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DigfoTech Generated 380+ Website Purchase with Facebook Ads in 15 days from scratch that to with 20x ROI, Honestly in Cash on Delivery.

We use facebook ads and with testing, optimization and strategy we generated 380 + purchases with ads.
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DigfoTech Generated 150+ Student Leads for Academics and Competitive Coaching in 10 days

Coaching Business in the state capital contacted us for students leads of Class 8 to 12, We have successfully working with them.
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We generated 130+ calls for Premium Salon for hiring of staff and successfully got hired after shortlisted.

Salon is facing issue to find high quality staff in there salon, with our marketing they start to get relevant and interested queries of about 130+ around there local areas because very less people prefer if its very far.
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DigfoTech generated 566 website purchases by using lookalike audience and others getting cost per results at $0.90 by spending $508

We have generated results at cost per purchase of $0.90 while the campaigns from client is still live.
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About DigfoTech

We help Businesses in digital asset creation, maintenance and marketing support. Most importantly marketing is not only about sharing post on social media. We help Business starting from digital asset creation like website, apps, social pages and than effective marketing with proven results in ads like Google, facebook depending on objective with proper system and funnel along with organic growth on different platform.

Website Design

We create Dynamic website which is stunning and added with modern features. We also optimized it for search results.

Pay per click and
SEO Service

If you want to rank for long term and gain exposure, SEO is the best, while PPC depends on effective optimization, testing, experience, and knowledge. If you want to gain some quick or even long-term sales and leads, awareness and engagement than you can go with it.

Landing and product Page customization

We create customized single product focused landing page which includes everything videos, gallery, reviews, text, unique design, Proper CTA. We also customize the existing product page to make it conversion beast.

Complete Digital

Digital Marketing is not only about running ads or doing post, It is also about offering, landing pages, service quality, tellecalling team, effective work methodology and so. If any ingredient doesn't work properly the marketing campaign can't able to do its work. So we have complete marketing solutions.

Ecommerce Complete

Starting from creating your own ecommerce store to optimizing it for generating more leads and improving conversion with organic and paid growth medium. Testing product landing page and so.

Detailed Audit and Report

We do complete detailed audit of your Online Business and present report from load speed, conversion friendliness test, SEO, technical Website issue, authority, Content, any missing ingredient, google ads, facebook ads and so.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram is best Interruption based marketing platform. where we can best leads and sales for any business. You can get your audience here for any business.

Custom Website

We also create custom website as per need and service of the customer. We find the best platform to build your custom website

Social Media Marketing

We use organic as well as paid strategy on social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, YouTube, pinterest and so. We can help you get more likes, engagement, subscriber on social channel like facebook, instagram, youtube or so.

How We Impact

Our performance-driven marketing strategy is the best way to increase your sales and leads. We have ranked 1000’s of different keywords in search results, also for various sectors that generate 3x to 20x or even more ROI with PPC and Ad campaigns. With our team of expert marketers we can help you:

  • Get more sales and leads:

You need to work on your marketing strategy if you want more sales and leads. There are many different ways for you to go about this, but a few quick ideas that might help include: segmenting potential customers by demographics; targeting specific industries or organizations in which your company has experience with the skills it offers; developing an engaging social media presence so people can find out what is going on at all times. I suggest focusing most of your efforts around these methods because they have proven successful for other companies as well!

  • Increase your engagement and reach
  • Better website experience for users
  • Driving your on the top of search results as per competition.

Digital Asset Creation and Performance Marketing

DigfoTech primarily focuses on quality digital asset creation and marketing, we have case studies in digital asset creation, ROI driven ads in Google, Facebook and other network based on objective and goals. We offer complete solutions with proper, dedicated, and personalized service. Few facts about it:

  • Marketing is not about quick result, it is about system and process for that we first develop plan for clients.
  • Ads is not about just run and left, it needs testing, optimization, creatives and offering analysis on regular period of time to increase the ROI.
  • Social media posting is not about think, build and post, it need very detailed understanding of the audience and how we can attract more audience by engaging with them.
  • SEO takes times, strategies but what it needs the most is consistency and quality time, if you look for cheap services, how much time you can expect for company side for your seo or even marketing projects.

What to expect

You can expect your work is going to be delivered in time in 99% of the cases, under any circumstances if we delay our task we ASAP inform it to the respective business.

You can expect your journey form A to B because we work on fundamentals and our team expertise not any short tips and tricks.

You can expect quality communication with our team and ability to resolve any technical issue.

Your can expect leads, sales and conversion but it depend on the type of business competition, platform, testing that how much time it takes to hit your revenue goals.

You can expect professional yet personalized digital marketing services because we care about you and your goals.

You can expect value addition from our side because we believe money is the byproduct of the values we add in other’s life.

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