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SEO seems to look easy but its not simple because it need consistency as well as insight about how we can rank the keywords fast. We have serve multiple clients in SEO, In the video you can see the SEO results of one of our clients.
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SEO Case Studies

DigfoTech Ranked New Ecommerce website for its various product pages in 3 months.

In this case study we will share Newnessplant pain point and how we solve there problems from getting no sales in their website to 10 Lakh worth of sales in 3 month.
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DigfoTech ranked state level cab service provider on the top page of Google

We build the cab service website in php and later do the complete site optimization and ranked their site on the top page of Google. Its not one day process, it took around 4 month to rank but they start getting results from search results even they are not in first page and also with business listing, ads and other marketing strategies.

We Provide Indepth SEO Solutions

Complete SEO Solutions

SEO is not only about implementing stuff what's written on checklist but to also understand the business and figure out innovative approaches. WE do it from our end.

SEO Audit and report

WE do indepth SEO audit and present report to you, sometimes its not about strategies and implementation its about how much time effort people give in your website to do SEO, Based on your budget we can allot full time dedicated SEO expert for your business.

Digital Marketing and SEO

Many time people who are looking for SEO, they need proper marketing solutions and even what instant leads and sales for that we have proper and complete marketing solutions along with some sample case studies.

Content writing and SEO

SEO is about optimization, authority and so but many times the content value is little to none, if needed we can offer content writing services for your business.

Harsh Truth of SEO and what should you expect

When it comes to SEO in order to get results we need consistent and high-quality effort for your business website, many times the lag is not about the strategies and implementation but it is about the budget.

In the market, you see cheaper SEO solutions, they focus on getting more clients and allot very less weekly time for your SEO task without an effective SEO strategy. Yeah it’s okay if you just want the basic SEO done or your niche has little competition, you end up ranking in less work.

But in the past few years, you need to give high-quality effort to get your site ranked on Google and sometimes a dedicated person to get your SEO done or at least get the task done which is allocated on weekly basis.

About Our SEO Company DigfoTech

DigfoTech is a leading SEO service provider in the Industry. With our SEO effort, you are going to get visitor’s who are more interested in your products or services.

SEO helps you to get quality traffic, these are qualified search traffic who have keen interest about your product or services. So, start attracting more search traffic to your website with our seo service.

We implement our Advance SEO strategies by SEO Guru in order for you to achieve maximum return on your investment. With DigfoTech, you are going see not only increased visitors but also qualified ones who have interest in what we offer and can provide great feedback.

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SEO management process

Detailed Anslysis

DigfoTech is a leading SEO service provider with an innovative approach to the industry. We implement our groundbreaking SEO strategy in order for you to achieve maximum return on your investment.

With DigfoTech, you are going see not only increased visitors but also qualified ones who have interest in what we offer and can provide great feedback.

Optimization Process

We’ve been working with our clients to deliver the most effective, but also entertaining and engaging marketing content for their audiences.

We know that people have a short attention span on social media these days so we’re always looking at new ways to be creative in order to keep them engaged.

As per our analysis, we do changes to your website onpage and onsite so that Google starts understanding it more better. We will help you get higher rankings in the SERPs by improving user experience for both visitors and search engine crawlers alike with a site audit of all pages from top to bottom.

Technical Issue

Technically speaking, we at DigfoTech have all the right tools to fix your website’s SEO problems.
We diagnose site speed issues and redirecting pages, as well as usability concerns like layout and navigation design that hinder a visitor’s experience on your page.


A lot of content creators don’t realize that SEO is all about being able to present your message in an engaging way. That’s why we make sure our clients’ messages are clear and concise through the use of keywords, optimization techniques like proper formatting, images or videos where applicable, etc.

Google loves fresh content too- so if you want better ranking results for your business’s website on Google Maps search engine rankings (SERPs), then regular blog posts will work wonders!

Understanding Intent and Keyword

Our team helps you find your target market by figuring out the keywords that they use. Whether it’s for a new product or service, we’ll figure out all those variations to make sure potential clients turn into regular consumers of your company.

More often than not, these people are searching on Google and clicking onto links in order to explore what is available from our clientele base–and this sends positive signals to search engines like Google!

In addition, when someone searches using an intent behind their words as opposed just looking up individual terms; we understand how best to communicate with them through content while also understanding keyword competition so both visitor and google have happy visits with us.

Building up your authority

When you get tons of experience and people refer to you about your service and product. This shows that they trust in the quality of what you offer, which is an indication for future customers as well!

Your authority on a website will be shown through fresh content, high-quality backlinks from other reputable websites, discussion surrounding your company on social media sites like Reddit or Facebook – all these are things that show potential clients who have never heard of them before just how credible their business really is.

When someone refers to themselves when talking with others about products or services they use often this can indicate credibility – it’s something businesses should strive towards if possible because it not only indicates confidence but also helps build customer loyalty down the line once those new prospects become.

Maintaining the Position

We can’t stop the competitor’s from trying to rank higher on Google, but we’ve got a plan for how you can go about it too. We’ll keep our eye out and still execute your strategy in order to maintain your ranking.

Though how well you rank on Google, there is always a chance of improvement. We can also scale the result and still maintain your search results. Your few competitors are often doing some sort of digital effort to be in the top as well, but we will keep close eyes to them and execute our own strategy for success!


You may have seen the recent update from Google that is supposed to make search results more accurate and qualified. But with 2-5 updates per week, it’s hard for any company or website owner not to be affected by Google’s changes constantly.

For example, when they changed their algorithm in order for users’ interests better match what products are relevant to them based on content consumption rather than geographical location which often led people of different demographics having access greater exposure once again;

This was a major change where many companies experienced drops in traffic due to being penalized but you can’t worry about as long as your content is powerful enough and built up your authority in the right way! We track all these things and help our clients succeed online.

How We Impact

Marketing is a constantly evolving industry. The price for marketing services depends on the target audience, as well as what type of service it will be used to reach them. For example, if you’re advertising in newspapers and magazines then your budget might differ from someone who uses Facebook Ads exclusively or spends money on search engine optimization (SEO).

So, with our team of expert, we can help you to:-

  • Get more sales and leads
  • Engagement and reach
  • Better website experience for users
  • Driving your on the top of search results as per competition.

What to expect

  • Your website will be seen by more people. We’ll work on building your online presence and optimize to increase the number of visitors that hit your site. You’ll enjoy better rankings, increased traffic and get found easier than ever before!
  • We will help you get more customers. If your business is struggling to grow, our SEO team can provide the boost it needs with tailored results for a reasonable price!
  • You can expect high quality SEO services from us.
  • Our competitive strategies will not only increase your rankings but also drive traffic to your site and generate more sales for you.
  • We provide a range of packages based on the size, budget, level of competition in each industry as well as other factors such as location type (local or international).
  • You can expect your journey from point A to point B and we believe in adding values in other’s life.
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